Going Within: A Necessary Step in the Transformation Process

“What I really need is to set goals for myself“ I told my coach at the start of our call “if I knew what I was working towards, I would be able to take action”, I continued.

Within thirty minutes on this call, I was in tears, admitting both to my coach and to myself that what I really needed was the exact opposite of goal-setting. 

I needed to take time out. 

I needed to stop thinking. 

I needed to make space. 

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Interview Featuring Vladislav Borimsky on His Major Career Transition

Dom: Tell us about your transition in a couple of sentences:

Vlad: As my last corporate job I used to work as a Marketing Director for an office supplies company. While there, I worked diligently at building up my photography portfolio and gaining experience behind the camera. I was becoming complacent, and actually tried to quit once, but my boss convinced me to stay on part time (which in hindsight was a smart move). After a year I had to make a decision. It was actually quite easy and liberating. I put in my notice, and the rest is history. 

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Interview Featuring Mark Trippetti on his Major Life Transition

Dom: Tell us about your transition in a couple of sentences.

Mark: In a way it may seem drastic, but it actually wasn’t. Over the course of 10 plus years I became increasingly exposed to the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and the Yogic traditions of ancient India. As these practices deepened in me, a shift in priorities began to occur as I became more comfortable with my inner world. 

I guess you could say a truth emerged.

It allowed me to make some big decisions a few years ago.

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Embrace Your New Self After a Major Transition

“It’s our job to rise up to our own dreams!” I declared with vehemence and confidence. My friend looked at me with a friendly smirk and said: “Right. How do I do that by next week?”! I laughed and told him what my coach always says: “A goal is not a place to get to; It’s a place to come from.” 

When we want to create a dream, we need to show up in the world with the attitude of one ready to make it happen. And in order to do that, we need to be prepared to change who we are, how we show up and what we project to the world.

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You've Changed. Now Let the World Know.

“I very much feel like an impostor. I I feel like I don’t know who I am but people have been supporting me because they remember me to be this great person. I think I still have remnants of that but I also feel incredibly drained and I don't have energy to to do as much good as I could in the past.” 

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The Courage to Invest in Yourself

It took an incredibly inspiring self/personal development experience in San Diego, to summon the courage to face the facts. If I was to become an excellent public speaker, if I wanted to grow, if I wanted to reach more people with my message and inspire more people to dream big and follow their vision, I had to lead by example. I knew that, in the words of Marshall Goldsmith: “What got you here won’t get you there”. 

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