Interview Featuring Mark Trippetti on his Major Life Transition


Mark Trippetti

“I was a knucklehead, waiting to get out, now I’m partially out.”

Dom: Tell us about your transition in a couple of sentences.

Mark: In a way it may seem drastic, but it actually wasn’t. Over the course of 10 plus years I became increasingly exposed to the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and the Yogic traditions of ancient India. As these practices deepened in me, a shift in priorities began to occur as I became more comfortable with my inner world. 

I guess you could say a truth emerged.

It allowed me to make some big decisions a few years ago.

Dom: What kept you going when you doubted yourself?

Mark: I knew that the guiding force came from a genuine place based on the work that I was doing internally, and in addition I am a firm believer in intention. A lot of strength can be drawn from a firm commitment and resolve to be helpful to others, which was the direction I wanted to go. 

You can’t go wrong when you’re headed that way.

Dom: What was the hardest part of your life change? Why?

Mark: Letting go of that part of me that didn’t serve. I was the type of person that thought I could participate in everything, and it wouldn’t have an effect on me. As I became more and more sensitive to what kind of being I truly was I had to move away from certain friendships, business relationships, and environments.

Dom: If you had to do it all again… would you? What would you do differently?

Mark: Hell yes. Nothing.

Dom: How long did it take you to fully own your new identity?

Mark: LOL. I’m still working on it. They call it a path for a reason. But I will say that it becomes more and more joyous every day, even with the ups and downs.

Dom: What are you most proud of?

Mark: I’m most proud of the work that I am doing and the genuine relationships that I have as a result of that. Whether it’s the ongoing study that I participate in, the classes and workshops that I teach, or the hospice work, I feel blessed to be surrounded by feeling, caring, passionate friends and colleagues. 

Dom: What’s the biggest change in your life? Who were you before the transition and who are you today?

Mark: I would say the comfort level that I have with myself. I don’t feel the need to present myself a certain way to meet expectations, either my own or anyone else’s. It makes for a more comfortable existence and provides a certain natural flow in everything that I’m doing

I was a knucklehead inside, waiting to get out, now I’m partially out.

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