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Interview Featuring Vladislav Borimsky on His Major Career Transition

Dom: Tell us about your transition in a couple of sentences:

Vlad: As my last corporate job I used to work as a Marketing Director for an office supplies company. While there, I worked diligently at building up my photography portfolio and gaining experience behind the camera. I was becoming complacent, and actually tried to quit once, but my boss convinced me to stay on part time (which in hindsight was a smart move). After a year I had to make a decision. It was actually quite easy and liberating. I put in my notice, and the rest is history. 

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You've Changed. Now Let the World Know.

“I very much feel like an impostor. I I feel like I don’t know who I am but people have been supporting me because they remember me to be this great person. I think I still have remnants of that but I also feel incredibly drained and I don't have energy to to do as much good as I could in the past.” 

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The Courage to Create your Life

“Suddenly, there wasn’t a need to have a specific, definite answer. Instead, a process opened up in front of them: a true process of self-inquiry, exploration and self-realization. Shakespeare said it through King Henry in Henry V: “All things are ready if our minds be so.” We don’t need to know what we want to act. We just need to be ready.”

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