Interview Featuring Tillie Eze on her Major Life Transition
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Tillie Eze

“I “made my own rules” but there were certain fears behind closed doors”

Dom: Tell us about your transition in a couple of sentences.

Tillie:  After seven turbulent years in New York, I left everything behind to start a new life in Barcelona. Less than a year later, I’ve created Moon Me: women-only retreats on self-discovery and healing using specific modalities, and split my time between California and Spain.

Dom: What kept you going when you doubted yourself?

Tillie: The way things fell into place with every step forward, it seemed foolish to turn around. Which isn’t to say that there weren't any moments where it felt as though it was back at square one. I was, but the lesson at square one, when mastered, catapults you to square 33… multiple steps ahead of where you had previously been. When the moments of doubt seeped in, I had to remind myself that I was back at what seemed to be the beginning; master it, and get the hell out.

Dom: What was the hardest part of your life change? Why?

Tillie: Letting go. There was a comfort in strategic codependency, as an independent person. I “made my own rules” but there were certain fears behind closed doors, that I allowed to keep me in that stagnant place. When this notion that for me to be considered something meant I had to be apart of something vanished, I quickly learned the true fortitude necessary to go at it alone.

Dom: If you had to do it all again… would you? What would you do differently?

Tillie: Absolutely, and unsurprisingly, I would change nothing. Except I’d say “no” a lot more.

Dom: How long did it take you to fully own your new identity? 

Tillie: Truth be told, it’s something that I’m still getting used to. People think that with any transition, that after 90 days or six months, you should be fully assimilated; and that’s not how it works. Sometimes it can feel like one is still finding their footing.

Dom: What are you most proud of? 

Tillie: I’m most proud of how clear I’ve become on what I want from this lifetime. For much of my life, everything I thought I wanted or needed was because I was told that’s what I should aspire for. When I figured out what I actually wanted, clarity ensued.

Dom: What’s the biggest change in your life? Who were you before the transition and who are you today?

Tillie: I used to be so mean to myself, and that’s an absolute “NO” now! More of my smiles are from pure joy and less of a defense mechanism, I have a zest for the day ahead more often than not, but most importantly I love myself. 

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