Interview Featuring Vladislav Borimsky on His Major Career Transition

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Vladislav Borimsky

“I’m a firm believer in living with no regrets and not dwelling on things.”

Dom: Tell us about your transition in a couple of sentences:

Vlad: As my last corporate job I used to work as a Marketing Director for an office supplies company. While there, I worked diligently at building up my photography portfolio and gaining experience behind the camera. I was becoming complacent, and actually tried to quit once, but my boss convinced me to stay on part-time (which in hindsight was a smart move). After a year I had to make a decision. It was actually quite easy and liberating. I put in my notice, and the rest is history. 

Dom: How did you know it was time for a change? 

Vlad: When the idea of spending another full week in a cubicle behind a computer became unbearable. 

Dom: What kept you going when you doubted yourself?

Vlad: The idea of spending a full week in a cubicle behind a computer. 

Dom: What was the hardest part of your life change? Why?

Vlad: Besides financial stability, I’d have to say, it was isolation. As a freelance photographer, the jobs I was getting, I’d come in, photograph whatever I’d need to photograph and go home to work on the photos. I was always by myself. There was no office camaraderie. There was no more water cooler talk. It was incredibly lonely. 

Dom: How did you overcome this?

Vlad: I’d start going to a coffee shop to do any work that required me to be in front of the computer. And I’d embrace jobs that had a team aspect to it. 

Dom: What’s a book / piece of art / movie / song  that has helped you through the process?

Vlad: Lose Yourself by Eminem. 

Dom: What’s your biggest learning from having changed your life? 

Vlad: You have to figure out how to roll with the punches and deal with the roller coaster lifestyle. There is no consistency of a paycheck every two weeks. Learning to accept that can make your life a whole lot easier. 

Dom: What is the best advice you received during this transition and that will help others going through their own career switch?

Vlad: Don’t quit your day job. Keep your full time job as long as you can while working on your side hustle. Having the financial freedom to do things you need to do is huge. 

Dom: If you had to do it all again… would you? What would you do differently?

Vlad: Absolutely. I’m a firm believer in living with no regrets and not dwelling on things. That being said, although my experience has not been easy and there are MANY things I could have done differently, I would not change anything. I am here today because of the decisions I made and paths I chose.

Dom: How long did it take you to fully own your new identity? 

Vlad: I’m still working on owning it. 

Dom What are you most proud of? 

Vlad: Not giving up. 

Dom: What’s the biggest change in your life? Who were you before the transition and who are you today?

Vlad: I think I’m more humble and realistic. Other than that, I think I’m the same person I was before. My title on the LinkedIn page is different.  

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