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High Performer



are determined.

are passionate.

are creative.


love challenges and are competitive.

are ready to transform.

are a risk taker.


Your challenges

You know that it’s time for the next level in your life and you’re not sure what this transformation will look like: perhaps you have decided to switch careers or move to a new country or you have just started in a new position and need to build some confidence. We’ll explore and help you move in the right direction.

Positivity is one of your biggest strengths and you enjoy responding to challenges with optimism. This means you enjoy and welcome change yet you can get very overwhelmed and find it hard to allow yourself down time. This can lead to burnout or frustration.

Your creativity and risk taking tendencies allow you to plunge right into new projects and you love to get to action fast. This sometimes results in a lack of research and reflection before making decisions. Slowing down is oh-so-hard! Yet, you know that if you allowed yourself the time to connect to your emotions and intuition, you would be unstoppable.

You are resilient and you focus on the work at hand so you get excellent results extremely fast. Because of this, others look at you with admiration. Deep down though, you think you’re lazy and are not doing enough. You thrive on the recognition that comes with exceeding expectations and this makes it hard for you to start anew, yet, at this time in your life, you know that you no longer want to thrive from external validation. Instead, you crave internal alignment.

You know

that something needs to change.

that gaining perspective will make you stronger.

that when you start to challenge yourself, you will grow exponentially.

What if

you paused?

you allowed yourself to reach your full potential?

you accepted my challenge?

Dominique Mas Coaching
Dominique Mas NeuroLeadership Institute
Dominique Mas Certified Coach

Your Coach

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had always known I wanted more out of life. When people told me I would make a fantastic principal in an international school, it made my insides turn and my heart start racing. I did not want to be a principal. I wanted MORE. The only problem: I had no idea what that meant. 

When I left my last full-time job, I knew it was time to find out. I could only do that by taking a step back, and facing all my fears: starting from scratch (or so I thought at the time) and losing status.  

That’s when I chose to start exploring what would be next. I started dreaming really big. I connected to my experiences of flow, and realized that I needed to be in front of people. I needed to work with groups and to speak. I knew that had to get out there and feel like I was creating something huge. I’m still working on this, and I LOVE it!

I believe

that everyone can be a high performer.

that for big changes to happen, we must take small steps, and make tiny shifts in the way we perceive the world and ourselves.

that our values and purpose, and not our environment must drive our actions.

I promise

to help you slow down, dig deep and reflect as you transform and create the next chapter of your personal or professional life.

not to let you settle for the gratification you get from others’ admiration and instead, to help you find internal fulfillment.

to be your biggest fan, remind you that I believe in you, and to kick your butt at the same time!

Dominique Mas Coaching
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There are three ways to work with me:

1:1 Coaching, Duo Coaching (for two friends who want to grow together) or Group Coaching.

Because you are unique and my job is to help you understand your own brilliance by discovering the plans, methods, or resources to overcome obstacles that will work for YOU.

Together we:




transform your mindset


We will define our partnership agreements around the concepts of responsibility and commitment to growth in a safe and positive environment.


Interview with Dominique Mas. Fifteen years in international education and coaching gives you a unique perspective on success.


Dominique Mas Coaching