Personal and Professional Growth

for High Performers

1:1 Coaching

According to a September 2018 International Coach Federation report, “coaching is one of the most helpful ways to develop change management capabilities.”.

Unfortunately, it seems that coaching is reserved for executives, C-suite and others in leadership positions. This often leads to a lack of visible growth opportunities for employees who are high performers but not in those categories.

What if your company was different? What if you encouraged more of your high performers to stay and grow through coaching?

As a coach, I will support your high performers to:

  • Fully step into their new role - whether they are new at your company or have been promoted.

  • challenge themselves to reach their full potential

  • take initiative and add value to your company

  • manage their stress and energy

  • build the toolkit and skills set they need to sustain their high performance

Goals are set together with the coachee and cover 3 different areas:

  • 1 personal goal (e.g. health / confidence)

  • 1 skill oriented goal (e.g. time-management / communication)

  • 1 work related goal

This ensures that each person has a chance to work on themselves in a holistic manner and as they develop personally, bring their new perspectives to the workplace.

It takes a special company to offer their staff such a program. Will you be that company?

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Workshops Topics

Managing Stress and Energy

setting objectives with a purpose

Setting Boundaries In and Out of the Workplace

Connect to your Values and Purpose

Leading Powerful Coaching Conversations

retaining high performers



“Dominique facilitated training to two large groups of teachers for the Harrison Central School District. She has an excellent knowledge of her content and an approachable style while maintaining command of the room. Participants were actively engaged throughout the presentation. We look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Michael Greenfield, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Harrison School District

During our confidence workshop with Dominique Mas, I had the chance to reflected on my core values and motivations for starting my project. Dominique guided the group through a series of thought and breathing exercise which helped bring clarity to my mind. My biggest takeaway from the session is that I learned to bring back the feeling of a proud and confidence moment in the past and use that as an anchor point for my current challenge. Dominique’s style was gentle yet affirmative. She gives enough push to help the group answer deeper questions but not to the point of unease.

Vivian Shang - Associate, StartEd Companies Inc.

“Dominique has created a unique, excellent experience combining yoga principles and mindfulness with important leadership lessons that can be applied to any industry.”

Leela Ramnath - ESG and Impact Investing Firm Director

Dominique is gifted with incredible powers of grounding and disarming. Through her stress and energy management workshop, I learned tangible strategies that I can put into everyday practice to overcome personal and external challenges - and ultimately show up to my life more prepared and present.

Meghan Bush - Director of Development, Method