Personal and Professional Growth

PROPOSED LENGTH FOR EACH WORKSHOP: 2 hours with a possibility to adapt to each company’s needs.


Managing Stress and Energy

General Overview:

In all industries, from luxury fashion to tech, managing stress is key to perform at a peak level.  In this workshop, attendees will consider how the brain works and the concept of flow. Attendees will also explore the four types of energy and how to include recovery time for each type throughout the day.

After this interactive workshop, attendees will each walk away with a personal roadmap to managing stress, expanded self-awareness, and practical hacks to implement at the office.


  • Centering breathing exercise

  • Dig deep into personal energizers and drainers to balance energy

  • Consider the ideas of recovery time and flow

  • Create an individual cheat sheet for stress management and energy recovery

  • Guided visualization through Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique

Setting Boundaries In and Out of the Workplace

General Overview:

High performers in the workplace have a strong desire for praise. This often means that they find it difficult, if not impossible to preserve themselves by saying “no”.

 In this workshop, through individual reflection activities as well as group discussions, participants reflect on the importance of setting healthy boundaries in their personal and professional lives to create the space they need to perform at their best.


  • Consider different types of boundaries

  • Understand the level of boundaries: porous, rigid, healthy

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries

  • Create a personal plan for setting healthy boundaries

  • Guided visualization through Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique.

Connect to your Values and Purpose

General Overview:

Within each of us, there is a desire to live a life that is meaningful so we can have a positive effect on our communities and the world around us. Awareness of our values and purpose allows us to find meaning and helps us through decision-making, focus and motivation both in our professional and personal lives. 

 In this workshop, through individual reflection activities as well as group discussions, participants reflect on what gives their life meaning and how they can bring more of their authentic self to work.


  • Explore individual strengths 

  • Identify and connect to core values

  • Reflect on the impact participants want to have on the world

  • Create a statement of purpose 

  • Guided visualization through Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique.

“Dominique facilitated training to two large groups of teachers for the Harrison Central School District. She has an excellent knowledge of her content and an approachable style while maintaining command of the room. Participants were actively engaged throughout the presentation. We look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Michael Greenfield, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Harrison School District

“Dominique has created a unique, excellent experience combining yoga principles and mindfulness with important leadership lessons that can be applied to any industry.”

Leela Ramnath,  ESG and Impact Investing Firm Director

Dominique's workshop was very motivating and inspiring. She cultivated an energy in the room that was open and dynamic. It was the perfect container to reflect and to connect with your inner voice and core values. My biggest takeaway-- leadership is less about your ability to lead others, and more about your ability to lead yourself. The rest will follow.

Kelsey Koontz

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Performance Coaching

According to a September 2018 International Coach Federation report, “coaching is one of the most helpful ways to develop change management capabilities.”.

Unfortunately, it seems that coaching is reserved for executives, C-suite and others in leadership positions. This often leads to a lack of visible growth opportunities for employees who are high performers.

What if your company was different? What if you encouraged more of your high performers to stay and grow through coaching?

As a performance coach, I will support your high performers to:

  • challenge themselves to reach their full potential

  • take initiative and add value to your company

  • manage their stress and energy

  • build the toolkit and skills set they need to sustain their high performance

Goals are set together with the coachee and cover 3 different areas:

  • 1 personal goal (e.g. health / confidence)

  • 1 skill oriented goal (e.g. time-management / communication)

  • 1 work related goal

This ensures that each person has a chance to work on themselves in a holistic manner and as they develop personally, bring their new perspectives to the workplace.

It takes a special company to offer their staff such a program. Will you be that company?