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Own. Your. Power. (September 9th)


Did you just say "self-doubt"? "Imposter syndrome"? What I heard is "I am giving away my power, help me own it"!


This small group workshop / coaching session with Dominique will have you reflect on confidence and give you simple tools to change your mindset and create your path to confidence.


  • Think deeply about your mindset.
  • Start owning your achievements.
  • Create a path to confidence.
  • Reflect through Yoga Nidra. 


We will start by learning about the brain and how it plays tricks on us! You will leave with a framework for considering your growth and build your confidence.


After all this thinking, you will need to reflect and recharge through Yoga Nidra. This is a deep relaxation technique which helps you access your subconscious and embed the thinking you did previously. There is no movement and you will simply lie down and listen to my guidance. This should set you up to start the weekend nice and relaxed! 


Other benefits: 

- One bottle of Harmless Harvest Coconut water provided for all! 

- You meet some new friends and make meaningful connections. 

- You can hang in the park before or after and get some outdoors time. 


Please bring: 

- A yoga mat or blanket to sit and lay on AND a blanket to cover yourself during Yoga Nidra. Your body temperature will drop as you will be lying down for a long time.

- A sweater in case it's cold!

- Bug spray



- Only 6 spots available 

- Refunds will be given to all if the weather does not permit!

- Pay what you can from $15 to $30, no questions asked! 


Earlier Event: August 25
Own. Your. Power.