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Setting Boundaries for High Performers


Setting Boundaries for High Performers

Here are 3 traits of high performers and their dark side. Can you work out what the common thread is? 

1: They are committed to being successful so their give their all to everything they do: at work, in their community, their team… 

Dark side: It’s never enough! There’s always more you can do to make this project even better! 

2: They have tremendous capacity - they can be everywhere at once and appear to have it completely together.

Dark side: They don’t slow down… until they crash. 

3: They have such generosity of spirit: they always want to help others and they give, give, give and give some more. 

Dark side: they take little time for themselves and sometimes, there is an underlying current of wanting recognition for the help they give. If they don’t get it, they can become upset and annoyed. 

What’s the common word? BOUNDARIES

I’m delighted to host my next Zoom group coaching call for high performers on Tuesday June 4th from 6-8pm.

  • Understand what it means to set healthy boundaries and how to do it

  • Individual coaching inquiry (individual thinking lead by Dominique) 

  • Live laser coaching 

  • Final discussion and Q+A

There are 10 spots available and the first 5 people to use the code “HPBOUNDARIES” will get a ticket for $39. After that, tickets will be $59. 

You will receive information on how to join the call in the confirmation email. 

*Please note that the meeting will be recorded and the recording will be shared with all participants. It will not be shared publicly or on any social media platform.