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Navigate Your Career Transition With Confidence

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Perhaps you know that something has to change but you're not sure what it is yet. Perhaps you are extremely frustrated because you don't know what you want and you’re rudderless and disengaged. Perhaps, you have taken some time to go within and you're ready to start exploring what's next for you. Perhaps you feel like you’re in quicksand, and suddenly just realized how far you’ve sunk… 

A career transition is a time to connect with others who are going or have been through their own. It’s a time to surrender to the process and make sure you understand it, because cheating it will not help you move forward! 

This event will give you the roadmap, reassurance, and support you need to transform your life as you leave your previous work identity behind for the new joyful you. 


  • Analyze your old stories and what’s holding you back

  • Change your internal and external noise

  • Create your personal roadmap for transition

  • Apply strategies to cope with each stage of the transition powerfully

  • Connect with other transitioners, including experts, panelists, and peers


10-10.20: Welcome and Connect 

10.20-10.40: Jacqueline Misla - Paring Down Before Gearing Up: Preparing for Career Exploration

10.40-11.00: Dominique Mas - The Confidence to Start Anew

11.00-11.10: Break

11.10-12.00: Panel: Practical Strategies to Deal with Transitions + Q+A 

12.00-12.30: Guided Connection Time

12.30-1.00: Final reflection and closing remarks

TALK 1: Jacqueline Misla

Paring Down Before Gearing Up: Preparing for Career Exploration

Before gearing up for the next leg of our professional journey, we must first pare down. Jacqueline will provide a strategy for how to address the internal and external barriers that weigh us down, to create room to explore new and exciting career paths. By unburdening ourselves with our old stories, old habits, and old strategies, we can make room for a more joyful and impactful career. 

TALK 2: Dominique Mas

The Confidence to Start Anew

Dominique will discuss impostor syndrome and analyze how we can explore, define and embody our new identity. Career 2.0 is more than a simple shift in our external environment. It’s not just getting a similar job in a different company. It’s a transformation that takes place through a deep internal revolution. It’s a process of self-actualization and self-realization. 

PANEL: Practical Strategies to Deal with Transitions + Q+A 

Effy Blue, Mark Trippetti, Tillie Eze

These two talks will be followed by a Q & A session with four panelists who have all been through incredible career transitions. They will share their story and give you practical ideas to cope with each stage of the transition.



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Jacqueline Misla

Jacqueline is a change strategist, coach, facilitator, founder of Crafting Your Path, and COO of Curious Fox. Jacqueline has worked with individuals (from the C-suite to the classroom) and companies (from multi-million dollar non-profits to small start ups) to solve complex problems and successfully navigate through change.By leveraging her writing, her art, her network, and years of experience in organizational development, Jacqueline turned her personal career journey into a platform to help others transition out of jobs, relationships, and constructs that no longer (or may never have) fit them, to live in alignment with who they really are.

Jacqueline holds a Masters in Social Work and a certification in Complex Change Theory and Strategic Visioning. 

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Dominique Mas

After 15 years in educational leadership in international schools, coaching teachers and promoting the development of high achieving students, Dominique took a leap and decided to start coaching high performers. This lead her to planning and facilitating group sessions and workshops and entering the world of public speaking. She works with leaders and entrepreneurs and she challenges her clients to slow down, dig deep and reflect as they transform and create the next chapter of their personal or professional life.

She has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the US, holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Change and is an ICF certified coach who trained with the NeuroLeadership Institute. 

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Effy Blue

Effy Blue is a relationship expert specializing in non-monogamy and other non-traditional structures. Her coaching philosophy, Relationship by Design, abandons the one-size-fits-all relationship structure that is heavily prescribed by our society and encourages people to design relationships they can thrive in. Besides coaching, Effy builds a growing community of Curious Foxes, leads panels and workshops, and speaks at relationship and sexuality conferences around the country.

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Tillie Eze

Originally from Houston, Texas, Tillie Eze has lived in four countries and five states, including her last being Brooklyn, NY. It was where her severe depression and anxiety worsened, coping with a stagnant life in a job with no prospects. Yearning to do more, Tillie got a life coach.

It was that one investment that evolved into actively choosing her self betterment. This led to becoming vegan, experimenting and gaining knowledge on proper use of herbs for mental illness, and connecting with a healer to breakdown trauma. She began to openly share her journey on social media and noticed that she was fortunate enough to know where to begin. There were others still afraid out of fear of being scammed, judged for delving into a "woo-woo" realm, or just not experiencing it the way others do.

Since then, Tillie has practiced different self-actualization and meditation techniques, as well as curating varying cannabis strains to ensure proper usage in a safe environment. Over the years, she has created a wealth of resources - healers, apothecaries, organizations - to further connect folks with on their own journey of self discovery.

Tillie is the creator of Moon Me, teacher of guided meditation, and practitioner of Heartfulness meditation

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Moon Me

Mark Trippetti

Mark Trippetti is an internationally experienced strategic and creative executive living in Brooklyn, New York. As an agency executive and owner Mark thoughtfully guided companies and products to greater success in their respective markets for 25 years in the US, Europe, and Asia with a strong focus on developing brand and product insights and creatively bringing them to market.

Mark’s record of success includes a wide range of consumer and business-to-business categories such as healthcare, education, technology, finance, consumer package goods, skincare, apparel, insurance, publishing, media, airlines, entertainment, and media. 

In 2015, after a decade and a half of Buddhist study and practice, Mark launched GoInsideOut, a consultancy aimed at providing corporate business leaders the emotional and organizational tools they needed by employing the core tenants of the wisdom traditions of India and Tibet.

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Vladislav Borimsky

Vladislav Borimsky was born in Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of 11, his family immigrated to the US in search of a better life and the American Dream. Vlad’s family settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he ended up graduating high school and subsequently studying at The Milwaukee School of Engineering, earning a degree in Technical Communication. 

He spent the next eight years living and working in Milwaukee in a variety of marketing and business development roles within the medical imaging field. It was not until he was 30, that life brought him to New York. Inspired by the city and surrounded by other creatives, his camera, which he has purchased a few years prior, became a constant companion. While pursuing the art of photography, Vlad was still working a corporate job, which was becoming increasingly monotonous and unsatisfying. It was then that he decided to turn his passion into a profession by becoming a full-time photographer.

Today, Vlad is a freelance photographer specializing in documentary, lifestyle and portrait photography. He is based in Brooklyn, NY.

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