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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time! Personal Productivity and Growth Workshop


Let's focus on managing our energy, not our time! 

When I woke up one day and realized that I was burning out because I was trying to do EVERYTHING, I was trying to do it yesterday, and I was trying to do it alone, I knew that something had to give! 

I looked at ways that I could conserve my energy and increase my productivity. I started sharing my thoughts with others and have now lead this workshop for the corporate offices of companies such as Burberry as well startups and private clients. 

It's not hard to notice that in all industries, from luxury fashion to tech, managing stress is key to perform at a peak level. And in NYC, our lives run so fast that it's often perceived as impossible to truly slow down. In this workshop, you will consider how the brain works, explore the four types of energy and how to include recovery time for each type throughout the day. You will then reflect on the concept of flow and how it can support your productivity.

After this engaging and interactive experience, you will walk away with a personal roadmap to managing stress, expanded self-awareness, and practical hacks to implement in everyday life and at work.

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3-3.10: Mingle and Introductions 

3.10 - 4.00: Understanding the brain, stress, and the problem with time management

4.00 - 4.30: Energy Audit! 

4.30 - 4.40: Break

4.40 - 5.00: Creating your cheat sheet

5.00 - 5.20: The concept of flow for energy management 

5.20 - 5.40: Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation + guided visualization - no movement!)

5.40 - 6.00 Final reflection + thoughts 


- A clear understanding of what fuels and drains you

- A personal framework to replenishing each type of energy throughout the day

- Tips and tools to include elements of flow into your work

- A beautiful Yoga Nidra Experience to embed your thinknig through the body


- An incredible bond with other fantastic participants

- A deep connection to yourself for personal growth

GOODIES FOR VIP AND STANDARD TICKETS (Because everyone loves goodies!)  

  • A lovely scented eye pillow to use during yoga nidra (and yours to keep!)

  • A beautiful MantraBand 

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Yoga Nidra does not require movement, but you will be sitting on the floor, and lying down for deep relaxation so make sure you are comfortable! 


A pen and a notebook. You will be given a booklet to write in but you will want to make lots of self improvement notes!

Can't think of a special gift for your friend? They doesn't need more stuff! Give them an experience instead... and they'll get gift goodies too!

Early bird tickets are available until April 5th! 


VIP: $270

VIP ticket includes 1x 60 minute coaching session with Dominique + workshop admission + goodies: Eye Pillow and MantraBand.

Early Bird: $240 - ends 4/5 11.59pm

STANDARD for 1: $150

STANDARD for 2: $270

Standard ticket includes workshop admission + goodies: Eye Pillow and MantraBand.

Early Bird - $135 for 1 / $250 for 2 ends 4/5 11.59pm

BASIC: $110

Basic ticket includes workshop admission. Early Bird Pricing not available for basic tickets.



"In her workshop, Dominique guided a diverse group of minds and through individual thinking added to collective discussions, she made us dig into ourselves and think on how important it is to go on our daily lives in sync with our beliefs. Doing a workshop with Dominique is at the same time taking a pause to reflect on your values and a step further to new perspectives. A gift of self-care to yourself." Fernanda Kock, Photographer and Owner at Galo Studios

"So grateful for Dominique’s magic. She has such a warm spirit and a true ability to guide you in cracking open the tough nuts of CHANGING HABITS. Feel super energized. Thank you!" Lauren Chiarello Mika,  Founder  Chichilife NYC

"Rarely does a group of strangers come together in such a unique, thoughtful and meaningful way." Rebecca Menges

"I had such a wonderful experience at Dominique’s workshop. She is a skilled and gentle guide, radiating warmth while creating a safe container to explore and create change. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in working with a coach who embodies the work she offers." Emily Polak, PhD

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