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Group Coaching for High Achievers: I'll Do It Myself!

  • xixi 41 West 36th St, Suite 3 NY (map)

Did you know that "the rate at which people will actually help is understimated by roughly 48% by those who want to ask for help?". This statistic from Heidi Grant really shocked me!

Now, let's talk about you:

You are passionate.

You are driven.

You are a leader.

You are a high achiever and you never ask for help or accept it!

That's ok! I'm a high achiever too! I understand that you have incredible ideas and you want to turn them all into concrete plans, you want to do that yesterday and no one can do it better than you. You might even feel scared and shrink at the idea of asking for help. Do you know that this reaction is due to the way our brain is wired to scan for threats? We assume that we will get rejected... But go back to the statistic above! 

Now, did you know that people WANT to help? It makes them feel good and by not asking, you are basically robbing them of the experience of feeling good! 

Asking for help is uncomfortable, yucky, annoying, hurts your pride and ego?

If this is you, welcome to my world! You have knocked on the right door.

In our last Meetup, we talked about setting boundaries, this time, we'll talk about letting others help us. I just saw you cringe! Let's do this together, we have 2 hours to get started, and that includes some deep relaxation to help you slow down, reflect and gain a different perspective.

I can't wait for it!

Here is how those 2 hours of group coaching will go:

6-6.30 - Get to know each other: mingle and intros

6.30-7 - Presentation on being ok with asking for help + individual reflection activity

7-7.30 - Hot seat coaching for 2 or 3 people

7.30-7.45 - Yoga Nidra

7.45-8.00 - Final reflection

This is a community building event so you can pay what you can, starting at $10.

This event is sponsored by Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

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