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The Art of Positive Bragging: Embody and Express your Powerful Story

“If you done it, it ain't bragging.” ― Dizzy Dean.

Research shows that people who use their strengths are 18x more likely to flourish than those who do not.* EIGHTEEN TIMES! High performers are strengths-focused, yet too many can be inhibited to promote their accomplishments and effectively tell their stories – due to a fear of being seen as arrogant or a braggart.

‘Bragging’. Is it arrogant, boasting…or, confident storytelling? Dominique Mas, Coach for High Performers, has been reflecting on the term and passionately believes we all need to stop playing small and brag A LOT more - to play BIGGER! Dom will lead an insightful, challenging three-hour workshop - all in a safe, open and collaborative environment. Participants will be asked to dig deep, stand tall and play big. 

You can expect individual reflections and group exercises and conversations to:

  • Heighten and open creative thinking through visualization

  • Connect you deeply with others - and with yourself, to unlock new insights

  • Hone personal strengths and practices to embody and express your powerful story

  • Give you strategies for mastering positive bragging to change the world

  • Master positive bragging

Your takeaways:

  • Gain clarity and confidence to answer the dreaded question “Tell me about yourself...”

  • Express and articulate how your unique life experiences have shaped your strengths

  • Leverage your accomplishments to offer value and impact your community positively

So, what’s so positive about ‘bragging’? 

Positive bragging is the act of disclosing information in a prideful yet sensitive way. While positive bragging is evidence-based (you can’t brag about it if you can’t prove you’ve done it), it’s definitely an art and not a science. It takes a strong dose of self-awareness, a clear understanding of your audience and a necessary shot of empathy. 

If you’re ready for it, we’d love to have you!