Next Cohort Starts on January 13th 2020


Dominique Mas Group Coaching Program: League of Extraordinaries

Self-Leadership for a Values-Driven Life, Internal Alignment, Confidence and Energy Management.


If you’re ready to have more impact in the world, there’s no better way to serve others than to feel aligned with your values.


Being focused on what truly matters in your life is a powerful way to accelerate your growth and that of those around you.

But developing the courage to live a created life can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right steps to follow. There are tons of fears that show up, questions that are raised and factors that can hold you back. 

It’s easy to spend time complaining that you don’t have time for the right relationships or taking care of yourself… You try different routines, you read all the books but there are always pieces that are missing and you cannot see embody those changes. You start feeling guilty and disappointed with yourself for not following through.

You get bogged down trying to figure out what’s wrong with you.

You’re tired of having so many ideas yet no being able to follow through with them.




Fulfillment comes first and foremost in being grounded in our mind and body, not in our external environment.



  • You have tremendous capacity and grit for work, friends, family and everything in between, yet, you often wish you had time to yourself to reflect. This group is all about YOU. It’s a commitment you make to yourself to take a step back and gain perspective.



  • You are accomplished and thrive on the recognition that comes with exceeding expectations. Sometimes though, you ask yourself whether you are just trying to please others and you wonder what it would be like to challenge yourself… for yourself. This group will push you to step outside of who you have been and into an even more powerful you.



  • You have arrived at a high level of success and you know that it’s now time to create more meaning in your life. This group will allow you to explore and understand how you can integrate your core values in your life to create even more positive impact.



  • Others admire your ability to create and live a life that seems perfect. Yet, deep inside, you know that something is missing, you know that if you continue to live the same life, you will get bored, burned out or settle for less than you are capable of. This group will give you the clarity you need to balance all areas of your life and feel fulfilled.



  • You are creative, driven and ready to challenge yourself to your next level but you can’t do it alone. This group will give you instant support from like-minded individuals.




Hello! I’m Dominique Mas.

I support and challenge high performers to slow down, dig deep and reflect as they transform and create the next chapter of their personal or professional life.


Leading learning is an intrinsic part of me. I completed my Masters in Leadership and Change with the Hong Kong Institute of Education, focusing on high achieving students and completed my coach training with the NeuroLeadership Institute before becoming certified by the International Coach Federation.

  • I’ve helped a founder in the VR space clarify her vision, allowing her to scale her business.

  • I’ve helped a former tech engineer start a podcast and pursue her dream of attending acupuncture school.

  • I’ve helped the head designer at a well-known fashion brand realize that her environment was not the problem… her perception was.

Through research and interviews, I’ve seen the way high performers’ strengths hold them back. I also know that you are capable of so much more because I was in your shoes not so long ago. 

My mission is to support driven individuals to slow down so they can have the most positive impact on their communities, their organization, and the world.




Having more time for the relationships that matter to you.

Living a life aligned with your values

Creating your own version of success, not one imposed to you by external factors

Increasing your self-confidence level

Replacing the search for perfection with the certitude you are in the right place

Feeling truly challenged


What would become possible in your life?

I will personally guide you towards this life. 

Say hello to… The League of Extraordinaries

An accelerator for your growth, a supportive community and a place for challenge.

The League of Extraordinaries is a 9 weeks online course and group coaching program where I will guide you to challenge yourself to slow down and reflect so you can speed up and soar.

This is your chance to work with me to transform, the way my 1-to-1 clients, do but at a much lower investment, through 9 group calls.

During this 9 weeks workshop, I will take you through my proven brain-based system for identifying exactly which areas you need to focus and change your life. This program is based on the NeuroLeadership tools and focused on fast and effective action to get you to your goals in the simplest way possible.


Here’s how this program works… 

During 9 weekly calls , you’ll get access to a group coaching and implementation call on Zoom where you will take action on one of the steps in the transformation process. 

These calls are about taking quick and effective action to move the ball forward and get results fast. We’ll focus on just the handful of steps that are the most important to regain control of your time and live a values-driven life.

You'll have plenty of time on these calls to ask questions, get coached, and get personalized feedback. 

I'll give you all the tools, templates and checklists you need to create balance in your life and rewire your brain. 

You'll not only have my experienced guidance and feedback, you'll also have the camaraderie of a group of like-minded high performers going through the same process at the same time.

This is a huge benefit to this program. It's like having your own life mastermind to tap into anytime you want!

There are many advantages to group coaching, here are just a few:

  • Be part of and contribute to a community of like-minded individuals

  • Evolve in a safe and supportive environment

  • A community to explore and surface effective solutions to challenging issues

  • The opportunity to learn from the insights and experiences of others

  • Tap into the collective experience and wisdom of the group as you deepen your knowledge

  • Gain accountability from the whole group to increase your individual results

  • Practice and hone your communication skills as you listen actively and ask powerful questions


What You’ll Learn and Practice


PRE-COURSE: Individual 45 Minute Call

During this 1:1 call with me, you will reflect on your intentions for the course and set yourself clear goals. You will also be given your first homework! 


  • Strengths based Leadership Assessment

  • Wheel of Balance

CALL 1: Introductions

This module is all about getting to know each other, organizing the community and building self-awareness. 

  • Get to know the group

  • Reflect on 6 key facts about the brain

  • Learn to apply active listening and powerful questioning techniques

  • Create group agreement

  • Discuss the results of your individual reflection homework


CALL 2: Forming New Habits

In this module, you will learn how the brain forms new habits and the three keys to making them stick. You will practice this with one habit you want to change and embed it as a new way to function. 

  • Apply a framework for changing habits

  • Reflect and get coached on the behavior you choose to change

  • Create new behaviors


  • Habit forming framework

CALL 3: Living a Values-Driven Life

As we move through different stages of psychological development, our values and purpose evolve. In this module, you will go deep into (re-)assessing your values to create a life that is aligned with your core beliefs.

  • Identify your core values

  • Reflect on their origin

  • Align your every day life with your values

  • Track your behaviors


  • Values Assessment

  • Reading + video on living your values

CALL 4: Transformation and Insight Coaching

CALL 5: Loving Your Impostor Syndrome

As high performers, we constantly challenge ourselves to rise above what we already know. This means we often place ourselves in situation where we think we might not belong. This can lead to a lack of self-confidence.

  • Reframe your impostor syndrome beliefs

  • Apply a range of strategies to cope with impostor syndrome

  • Get coached on building beliefs that serve you.


  • Reframing limiting beliefs

  • Article: Impostor Syndrome traps

CALL 6: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Saying NO starts with saying YES! When you create boundaries for yourself by identifying what truly matters, you will be able to be more generous, on your own terms.

  • Identify your non-negotiables

  • Commit to focusing on yourself first

  • Establish a plan for setting healthy boundaries


  • Boundaries setting framework

  • Reflection worksheet

CALL 7: Managing Your Energy 

Most people think that by giving more time to a problem, they will solve it eventually. The truth is, we simply need to focus on managing our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy. 

  • Establish strong recovery routines

  • Distinguish energy fuels and energy drains

  • Select the appropriate strategies to refuel


  • Daily activity tracker

  • Ideal day worksheet

  • Article: Prioritizing is a Priority!

CALL 8: Learnings, Insights and Transformation  

In the age of information, you can learn anything you want online and have every piece of knowledge you need at your fingertips. What will help you reinvent yourself is how you use this information and the action you take from it.


  • From insight to action worksheet

CALL 9: Who Do You Want to Be? 

How we show up in the world is everything: while we often cannot control outcomes, we can control our approach to different situations. Let’s create your future!


  • Goal creation

What You Get


Extraordinary Level

1 x Individual 1:1 Goal Setting Call

  • 45 minutes

9 x Implementation-Focused Workshop Calls

  • 90 minutes each

  • Each call covers one of the modules

  • Each call starts with a short meditation

  • Laser coaching by me on each call

  • Calls at 11 A.M. Eastern Time to accommodate as many time zones as possible

Call Recordings

  • You will get a recording of each of our groups calls for reference

15+ Worksheets, Videos and Checklists

  • Each module comes with a set of tools

  • These tools will propel your growth significantly



3 x Months of Access to Me through Marco Polo for Questions

  • You can send the group a polo at any time to ask any questions that pop up between calls and I’ll get back to you within one business day.

3 x 1-on-1 Coaching Calls (VIP only)

  • Get direct, personal coaching specific to your circumstances to talk through any aspect of your growth

  • You have up to three months from the start of the program to use these calls however you wish

  • 45 minutes each call

What People Say


Dominique is PHENOMENAL at what she does! I threw a lot of information and stress onto her, and she helped me sort through the mess and make a plan of attack that left me feeling calm and empowered. She RADIATES sunshine and brought me so much peace! I couldn't recommend Dominique enough - or THANK her enough for what she's done for me.

Haley Hoffman Smith

Professional Speaker, Founder of Her Big Lash, Author of Her Big Idea

Simply knowing Dominique has been a gift. She is a powerful force for good and a life-changing coach. Dominique coached me through a nebulous and difficult time. She helped me slow down and find the clarity I sought, which gave me an inner peace and a newfound excitement for the future. She helped me see me. I am eternally grateful for her presence and coaching. She coaches with a brilliant awareness and authenticity. The commitment she makes to her clients is extraordinary. I would highly recommend experiencing coaching with Dominique - your life will be powerfully impacted. She is a facilitator of insights, breakthroughs, and transformation.

Stephen Sainato, Esq.  BCC

Coach, Attorney, Speaker

I had the great pleasure of joining one of the Group Coaching Calls for High Performers in Transition with Dominique Mas and it was truly transformative. Our focus was on embracing life's unknowns and the first thing I learned is this: I am not alone in facing these questions. The quest for clarity and direction is universal, but the strength to embrace the unknown is a muscle that needs to be exercised. Thank you so much, Dom!

Doug Wendt

CEO Wendt Partners

Next Group Starts on January 13th 2020


Your Investment


Your investment is far more than the fee you pay for our coaching sessions. It’s a significant investment of your time and energy, not only during our sessions but also for the time before and in between our coaching sessions. 

*Because I want to make sure that everyone is served powerfully through this program, there are only 6 spots available.

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Calls take place on Mondays 6pm EST


Call #1: Monday 01/13, 6pm EST

Call #2: Monday 01/27, 6pm EST

Call #3: Monday 02/03, 6pm EST

Call #4: Monday 02/10, 6pm EST

Call #5: Monday 02/03, 6pm EST

Call #6: Monday 02/24, 6pm EST

Call #7: Monday 03/02, 6pm EST

Call #8: Monday 02/09, 6pm EST

Call #9: Monday 02/16, 6pm EST

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  • Live a Values-Driven Life

  • Create Internal Balance

  • Manage Your Energy

  • Grow Your Confidence

Dominique Mas Coaching