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Are you extremely driven, motivated and passionate?

Do you always give your all to everything you do and create what others might see as impossible?

If the answer is yes to either of those questions, you’ve knocked on the right door!

As a former educator, coach to high achievers and high achiever myself, I know that you perform at an incredibly high level and that this comes at a cost. You feel drained, burnt out and sometimes, you crash. 

My challenge is to help you slow down, dig deep and reflect so you can speed up, take action and create your life at the highest level. 


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Dominique Mas - Lead With A Twist Founder

The lessons I’ve learned!

I grew up in a small fishermen village in the south of France and always felt like the world was my oyster: there was more to my journey than just my hometown. With the love and support of my parents, I took a major leap at aged 18 and moved to London, England where I starting teaching.

I quickly fell in love with sharing my knowledge and skills with others and it has taken me to live and work in 7 countries!

After 15 years in educational leadership, I reflected on the transitions I’ve moved through and soon realized these experiences were building towards starting my own private practice for coaching. I decided to jump in and  started coaching individuals as well as planning and facilitating group sessions and workshops.

I have a declaration to make… I’m a high achiever !

I have a secret to tell you: I never felt like any of what I have achieved was “hard” to achieve.

Through my own journey with a coach and through my own development, I have learned that:

  • I am successful in whatever I do, yet I still think I’m lazy!

  • I always want to do more, yet I know I need to slow down to speed up and achieve more.

  • I am determined and sometimes, I need to be told to let go of a project!

  • I DO need help and it’s ok to ask for it.

  • I can help and serve others but say no when it’s at my expense.

  • I am passionate and powerful but sometimes, I get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

I now continue to develop my own toolkit to live the life I truly want, in which my strengths are less and less shadowed by their dark side. My calling is now to support YOU to find your blind spots and develop your own tools as your strengths become less and less shadowed by their dark side. I want you to see new possibilities and create a life that is even more incredible than the life you currently live.

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The meaning behind MY logo.

A few people have asked about the Lead With A Twist logo. It’s actually one of my favorite stories to share.The logo is comprised of a square and a circle: two simple shapes with a profound meaning.

The square is all about the home, 4 walls: that includes principles of grounding, stability, foundations and safety. The circle is all about movement and the notion of constantly reevaluating and moving forward with your life.

The logo is a reminder for me to be grounded and find stability no matter where I am in the world, in my life, or in my head. Everything around me might be moving and I can still feel centered and grounded.

We opened the circle in the logo and it all became one line because I wanted to recognize that everything I do is interconnected and both movement and stability are necessary for me to keep growing, keep dreaming and keep exploring who I am.

The inspiration for the logo was derived from the tattoo I got when I was 35 years old to keep me grounded and centered as I journey through life.

Lead With A Twist, Dominique Mas
Dominique Mas, life coach