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"Dominique has an incredible ability to provide insightful steps and solutions to achieving your goal. Her coaching is a strong dose of powerful psychology mixed with intuitive listening that results in you understanding your needs and required next steps for your goals."

Christina Clare - Founder: MicHub, Your Comedy Concierge

Working with Dominique was an absolute pleasure! Her positive energy made me feel very comfortable, yet she pushed me to dig deep within myself and think about things on a deeper level. After five sessions, I feel more clarity and happiness with my current work situation and I am able to walk away with tools that will enable me to continue feeling joyful in my career. I would recommend her coaching services to anyone who wants to improve their career, whether it be changing a current situation for the better or trying to figure out the next steps! 

Courtney Madow - Head Designer for Steve Madden

"Dominique has such a special gift of getting to the bottom of a specific problem and helping you become aware of it and facing it head- on. She structures her calls so precisely and solution focused that instead of dwelling on a problem, you leave feeling empowered and with a set of questions to continuously ask yourself. 

She is really invested in YOUR results while being SO warm and compassionate, it makes it so easy to open up to a “stranger”, although you feel like you’ve known her for so long!

I am so happy with the results of my call and I am still working on some of the things we spoke about :) Thank you!" 

Diana Hinojosa - Actress and Recruiter

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I had been struggling with understanding my career path for a long time and was very excited for the opportunity to have a session with Dominique. It was tough to talk through some of the deeper reasons of why I was feeling the way I was, but they way she structured our session made everything make sense. I started to work on my “statement of purpose” and mantra with her guidance that I now think about every day. I am excited about the opportunities I have ahead of me as well as proud of the steps that took me to get to this point. With so much self-doubt looming over my head, Dominique helped me clarify what I want to do with my life and the steps I can take to get there.

Michelle Turek - Marketing Manager


I spent three months partnering with Dominique.  In that time I accomplished transitioning from a career in technology, starting a podcast and reconnecting with my essence. Her positivity and guidance helped me make my own decisions with certainty, clarity and confidence.  

Lauren Grisanti - Host of 7 Directions Podcast and creator of Heal Haiku

I worked with Dominique on a series of 6 1:1 coaching sessions. With a unique combination of thoughtful questions, challenging observations, and an unparalleled dynamism, she helped me refine my goals, and turn them into actionable tasks. Along the way she provided me with various tools and resources that helped me put into practice what we discussed, and encouraged me to actively reflect on my own progress. A truly rewarding journey!

Melanie Wider, - UX Designer

"I worked with Dominique on a 1:1 coaching program. She was a true pleasure to work with, and I really looked forward to our weekly sessions. Her energy, spirit, and drive to help made our time together very meaningful; and, I garnered some extremely valuable tools that will be immensely helpful and instrumental in my continuing to make strides in completing goals in my life. I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone who is looking for some guidance in putting together the puzzle pieces of their life!"

Erika Speed - Founder: The Cre8tive Artisan


I’ve always wanted to try out a coaching session, but was always hesitant because of the personalities of the different coaches I met. However, Dominique is not only very sweet and perceptive but she asks the right questions to get you to start thinking critically about what you would like to focus on. She supported her method throughout the session with useful tips and highlighted ideas that were extremely useful to my expand on my goals. Dominique also kept the conversation focused, detail oriented and encouraged techniques that I’m convinced will help me tackle the obstacles we spoke about. I would highly recommend her and will be keeping her in mind for any and every future coaching session.

Paola N. Hernandez - Masters of International Affairs Candidate at Columbia University


"Dominique helped me as I scaled my business and she was instrumental in making sure my vision was clear as I moved forward. She listened well and asked great questions, and often helped me arrive at the conclusions I needed to make the next leap. She was super flexible and provided excellent supplementary resources as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through a change or just needing some help to figure things out."

Cortney Harding - Founder: Friends With Hologram

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Dominique’s workshop on Saying Bye Bye to Old Habits left me feeling calm and empowered the entire next week. The small-group format in the park was well-crafted and made us all feel comfortable with one another. Dom shared great strategies for creating actionable steps for change. The workshop ended with a guided Yoga Nidra meditation that was magic!

Leah Barto

Lauren Chiarello Mika

So grateful for Dominique’s magic. She has such a warm spirit and a true ability to guide you in cracking open the tough nuts of CHANGING HABITS. Feel super energized. Thank you!

Lauren Chiarello Mika,  Founder  Chichilife NYC

I attended her course in Central Park called say bye bye to old habits. I loved the set up, we were a small group and Dominique made us all feel very comfortable to really speak up about our habits we wanted to change. Dominique’s positive and enthusiastic personality just sparks a fire. Her guided meditation at the end through Yoga Nidra was very helpful I felt relaxed but yet aware of my inner world. I met some new amazing people! Very happy and satisfied to have attended this workshop. I started my week with a calmer confidence and feeling more connected to myself away from the stressful lifestyle of NYC. Thank you Dominique

Sue Skrobak

I had such a wonderful experience at Dominique’s workshop. She is a skilled and gentle guide, radiating warmth while creating a safe container to explore and create change. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in working with a coach who embodies the work she offers.

Emily Polak, PhD

I participated in the group coaching event and it was really a great experience. I felt safe and comfortable enough to dive deep and learn about new methods I can do on my own that assist me in reaching my personal and business goals. Very thoughtful and informative.

Natalie Colon, Yoga Teacher


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As both a student and facilitator of cross-cultural training, leadership training and yoga, I so appreciated Dominique's creative and inspiring style of teaching. She guided us through thought provoking exercises, weaving yoga asana flow throughout. I came to understand that linking breath with movement brings you focused on the present moment. That presence and focus bring strength, positivity and self-awareness... all qualities essential to leading oneself and others to their highest potential.

Laura Levenson - Director of Consulting and Advisory Services  

Lead With A Twist, Dominique Mas, Leadership through yoga

Lead With A Twist, Dominique Mas, Leadership through yoga

The workshop was thought provoking and I really felt challenged by the values activity. I’ll definitely be digging into that more using the resources provided!

Laura Cook - Marketing Director

All the exercises were interactive and super interesting, I could relate all the ideas evoked to my own life, personal and professional in a very clear and fun way!
The workshop is dense but it is made in a way that is playful and introspective, I loved the pace and there is a right amount of discussion and yoga. I really loved it! Thank you Dom for this amazing experience

Ayline Olukman, Artist

Lead With A Twist, Dominique Mas, Leadership through yoga

Lead With A Twist, Dominique Mas, Leadership through yoga

The leadership principles really helped me know myself more. They also helped me think about different ways to interact with other teachers around the world. 

Julia Lee, Mandarin Teacher

Dominique has created a unique, excellent experience combining yoga principles and mindfulness with important leadership lessons that can be applied to any industry.

Leela Ramnath,  VP of Impact and Partnerships Investment Firm

Lead With A Twist, Dominique Mas, Leadership through yoga